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"A world where the voice of every child and adult, however they communicate, is listened to and heard"

1Voice takes a family and social perspective on communication and recognises the great need for adult role models to inspire children and families alike. 1Voice promotes families supporting each other to overcome the isolation that being unable to speak can bring.


National Stars of AAC Chat & Chill in Cheltenham

It will soon be time to open the application process to our members for the National Summer Residential event.

If you are not a member of 1Voice, but think you may want to apply for a place, please join now.

If you think you are already a member, but want to be sure, contact Julie and she will check.


Do It Megan!

It's not everyday you will tell someone they should jump from a bridge, but that is exactly what our dear Trustee Megan is going to do.  And we say "JUMP".

On March 30th, Megan and Mike are going to do a bungee jump over the River Tyne.  All funds are being raised for 1Voice - Communicating Together.

We have also included information on our Events page, in case anyone is in the area at the time and want to join in the chorus "JUMP".

You can visit Megan and Mike's fundraising page here

Good Luck Megan and Mike, you are brave people.

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