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Our team of trustees is made up of parents, role models and professionals working in the fields of speech and language therapy, education and medical services. Our Board of Trustees/Board of Directors is currently made up of nine individuals. Two are independent adult AAC users who have considerable experience of acting as 1Voice role models and are actively involved in their local 1Voice branch. Both are able to successfully mentor and empower young people who have communication difficulties. One holds a mentoring qualification and works with young AAC users and the other works with university/speech and language therapy students. Their input is invaluable in designing our activities. Two members of the governing body are qualified speech and language therapists. Between them, they have considerable experience in supporting individuals in using AAC. Two members are parents of AAC users. As well as being parents they also bring additional skills in teaching, working as part of a specialist AAC assessment team and in finance. The remaining member of the team is a sibling of an AAC user and works as a specialist occupational therapist technician. Although not part of the Board of Trustees/Board of Directors, the appointed Company Secretary has a law degree and is a qualified chartered accountant with many years’ experience in auditing both public and private bodies as well as charities. She is also the parent of an AAC user. Together, the governing body collectively has vast experience in the field of AAC and is able to combine their knowledge and experience to further the objectives of the charity. All members of the governing body are passionate about supporting children’s communication.

Executive Committee

Helen Dixon (Co-Chair)

Helen Dixon


Helen has been a regular and loyal volunteer since our first winter weekend in 2000. She is a speech and language therapist and has been running a local group for years. Helen is the branch co-ordinator of the thriving 1Voice Lakes & Bay Branch.

Janet Mayes

Janet Mayes

Janet has been involved with 1Voice since 2001. She is the mother of a young adult AAC user, who benefitted hugely from 1Voice family and teenager events as she grew up and is now a 1Voice role model. Janet's professional background is in language teaching. She became a 1Voice trustee and director in 2012. She also helped to launch 1Voice North East in 2012. Having now relocated to Kent, Janet has organised a local 1Voice pop-up event and is looking to hold more events in the future.


Helen Hewson (Co-Chair)

Helen Quiller with her augmentative communication device


Helen joined the Board/Executive Committee on 16 November 2013.

She has been a long standing member of 1Voice, became a Role Model in 2008 and has been a member of the 1Voice West Midlands Committee since 2010.  Her contributions have included working with young people and families, giving presentations about living independently and reassuring families about what will be possible for their children to achieve in the future. Helen has also helped organise local events.  All her experiences she has had with her own disability and communication problems she brings are valuable to the Board of Trustees.

Kate McCallum

Kate has lived and breathed AAC most of her life, professionally for the past 15 years. She took a break from being a trustee of 1 Voice -Communicating Together in 2008 in order to complete her degree and qualify as an Occupational Therapist. Kate did her degree part time and through the course had her two wonderful children.  She is delighted to be back as a trustee of 1Voice and excited about the future of the charity.

Nicola McIndoe


Nicola first became involved in 1Voice in 2014 and has much personal experience as her seven year old son uses AAC. She has previously worked in accountancy and is the Treasurer for 1Voice.

Lois Thomson

Lois has worked with young adults who use AAC for several years at National Star College. She started volunteering with 1Voice in 2011 and has since completed a Masters degree in speech and language therapy.

Gregor Gilmour

Gregor has been a member of 1Voice since it was established in 2000, became one of our first teenage role models, and has gone on to become a volunteer and adult role model. In 2016 he joined the board of 1Voice trustees. Gregor spends a lot of his spare time mentoring and empowering other young people who have communication difficulties.

Jo Cope

Company Secretary/Admin

Jo first attended a 1Voice National Residential Weekend in 2013 with her family and found the weekend to be both  informative and inspirational. She is the parent of a twelve year old AAC user. Her professional background is in accountancy and she joined as a Trustee/Treasurer in June 2015. Following the relocation of the previous administrator abroad, she stepped down as Trustee in 2016 to take on the Company Secretary/Administrator role and manage the day-to-day running of 1Voice. Jo has previously organised several pop-up events in the Warrington area to allow her daughter, other AAC users and their friends and families the opportunity to share experiences and most importantly, the opportunity to communicate!