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Young adult role model Jemima Hughes wrote about how she accesses social media and the internet with her communication aid.

I love Facebook! I post status updates and my friends and cousins and aunties write comments. I stay in touch with people I do not see often, like my One Voice friends and my family in the south of England, France and Canada. I am friends with people from school and college too. I read what everyone is up to, I like or write comments, and look at photos. I like that because I communicate equally with everyone.

I like chatting on Facebook. Usually I chat with friends who used to be at school or college with me. My mum helps me, I talk with my voice and she types what I say. That's easier for me than talking face to face, because I need signing and using my DynaVox with my switch is really slow. The problem is that's not private, my mum sees everything. My DynaVox is a computer too. For ages I wanted to access the internet independently, but I use a switch with scanning and I did not know how to do that. In September the DynaVox rep showed us how to use mouse scanning on websites. Now I can write a message on the DynaVox then... continue reading

Tags: social media
Posted: 13/02/2013 - 16:20